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About Us

The Center of Spiritual Cultivation was charged with sharing a “spirituality” that serves people wanting/needing peace, compassion, and kindness in their lives in 2016 by the members of Broadmoor Congregational Church after a “trial run” of Service experimentations in 2015.


The purpose of the Center was to open “the sash” to the unfolding spiritual universalism of a wider spiritual consciousness, a valued inclusiveness, connection, and unity of one divine reality. 

 The elders of Broadmoor Congregational Church had the wisdom to see that the church they had established in 1923 was no longer relevant for those in the 21st century who wanted to be “spiritual but not religious.” 

What followed from 2016 to 2023 has been innovative, experimental, revolutionary, and exciting!  From 2017 onward, the Center has introduced the thinking and insights of a wide variety of current and past spiritual leaders. Among those leaders are:  Joanna Macy, Matthew Fox, Jon Kabit Zin, Gus Speth, Jane Goodall, the Dalai Lama, Thupten Jinpa, Thomas Berry, Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King Jr. Rupert Sheldrake, Maya Angelo & Gandhi to name but a few. 

The Center has focused on “Healing” for individuals, society, and the planet.   It has focused on “Compassion” for humans, the animal world, and the planet. 


It has incorporated meditation, sacred conversation, gratitude offerings, blessings and incorporated plays, music and educational videos to highlight spiritual content. 

It now has members and followers throughout the U.S. who join us on Zoom. 


As Broadmoor Congregational Church celebrates its 100th birthday this year…may it be celebrated for its selfless vision of perpetuity- to give of itself so that others might live spiritually.   May others do the same.                                  

 ***** Our Leadership Team *****                     


                 Marcia Flagg                                            Fred Smoot                                            Julia White                                         Rick Riddoch 

            Program Coordinator.                                 President                                               Treasurer                                              Secretary


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