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 Our Facilitators and Officers Team  


                 Marcia Flagg                                            Fred Smoot                                            Julia White                                         Rick Riddoch 

            Program Coordinator.                                 President                                               Treasurer                                              Secretary


Who Are We? 

We are seekers of the spiritual but not necessarily the religious.  We are seekers of healing for ourselves as individuals, society as a community, and earth as a planet.


What is the Center of Spiritual Cultivation?

The Center of Spiritual Cultivation is a gathering time that provides spiritual practices to aid in the nurturing of the spirit.  These practices include meditation, music for the spirit, spiritual wisdom, and opportunities to speak and listen to each other while nurturing kindness, understanding, humility, and sharing gratitude for each other. 

For spiritual wisdom, we consult a wide variety of spiritual teachers.  Among them are Joanna Macy, Jon Kabat Zin, Cindy Wigglesworth, Jane Goodall, the Dalai Lama, Thomas Berry, Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelo, David Brooks, and Gandhi to name a few.

Why Cultivate the Spirit?

Just as we can cultivate practices for maintaining a healthy body, we can cultivate ways to keep our hearts and minds happy and healthy through spiritual practices.   A cultivated spirit helps gain clarity of purpose and live a more meaningful and internally​ peaceful life.  

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