Our Story

2014 - The Rev. Marcia Flagg assisted with training volunteers of CRSST – Crisis Response Spiritual Support Team in Rossmoor and established important ties for what was to become the Center of Spiritual Cultivation. 

2015 - The Center of Spiritual Cultivation began meeting monthly at Hospitality House, a mission of Broadmoor Congregational Church, and received leadership support from the Rev. Marcia Flagg.

2016 - Broadmoor Congregational Church included the monthly gatherings of The Center of Spiritual Cultivation for its services and adopted the Center as a mission of the church.

2017 - The Center began meeting in Rossmoor with support from The Mindful Living Club. We have held Services in the beautiful Echo Room in the Event Center. 

2018 - The Center claimed the focus of “Healing” of mind, body and spirit for individuals, society, and our planet. Harpist and singer Patrice Haan began sharing her gifts of music.

2019 - The Center of Spiritual Cultivation started a monthly book study in addition to its monthly service.  The theological focus was on “Creation Spirituality”. In October we voted to become a Creation Spirituality Community - joining with communities across the nation in a shared effort to heal our planet in the face of the challenges of Climate Change and Global Warming. 

2020 - The Center of Spiritual Cultivation started holding services and book studies on Zoom during Covid-19. The program reaches members as far away as New York.


 ***** Our Leadership Team *****





                       Marcia Flagg                                 Julia White                                     Rick Riddoch 

            Program Coordinator.                           President                                        Secretary