Monthly Services provide a variety of spiritual practices: silent meditation, words of spiritual wisdom, sacred conversations, blessings, prayers of gratitude, acts of healing, music and singing. Marcia Flagg is the creator of our Services.  Every month a different theme is selected, and spiritual wisdom quotes are given with an invitation for members to reflect on the morning topic.  


Prior to shelter-in-place the services were held in the Echo Room of the Event Center in Rossmoor. During the current pandemic the services will be held as Zoom gatherings. Interested participants can click on the link "Sign up" to receive a Zoom invitation.



Let‘s gather to Tell Stories of




               Sunday June 13th 10:30 a.m. Noon on Zoom

*Definition of a Tree Hugger: someone who is regarded as foolish or annoying because of being too concerned about protecting trees, animals, and other parts of the natural world from pollution.


Thus, while “tree hugger” may have a negative connotation for having some sort of strange physical relationship with a nonhuman object, the original tree huggers were ahead of their time and one of the first radicalists for the environment.   Today, we know, with less trees, there is less oxygen and more CO2 in our air.

                                 Lauren Nguyen

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