Our Affiliation
The Mindful Living Club

The Rossmoor Mindful Living Club conducts ongoing study groups for teaching Mindful Living, to find and maintain 

happiness in life.

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The Sacred Circle


Sunday, June 26th


10:30 to Noon

For a Zoom Invitation


in the

Real World

Savoring Uncertainty

  • Hold Space for Mystery in Your Life

  • Become Present to Mystery

  • Seek a Perspective of Surrender and Trust

  • Awaken Possibility in Uncertainty

Treasuring the Body as It Is

  • Behold Your Extraordinary Body

  • Become Present to Your Body

  • Seek a Perspective of Awe and Empathy

  • Awaken the Sense of Possibility for the Body

Appreciating Our Emotions

  • The Value of Vulnerability

  • Become Present to Your Emotions

  • Seek a Perspective of Compassion and Curiosity

  • Awaken Possibility for the Collective Heart

Our Music

Patrice Haan soothes our spirits in silent meditation with her gentle harp music and inspires us with her songs.

For additional information about Patrice's career and recordings please click on "more information" to go to this web site:

Healing Muses


Patrice's work with the nonprofit "Healing Muses" makes possible healing music to our spiritual community as well.

"Music has been used for healing purposes since ancient times. Healing Muses provides high-quality, live music to support patient care in hospitals, hospices, cancer care and convalescent centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area."








Several CD's are available on their web site Click on this link








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Thomas Berry 
Father of Spiritual Ecology

The Environmental Crisis is Fundamentally a Spiritual Crisis.                                  Thomas Berry