Our community shares a sacred circle of hospitality, 

meditation, spiritual questions & conversations. 

Our Affiliations
The Mindful Living Club

The intention of the Rossmoor Mindful Living Club is to conduct ongoing study groups for

teaching Mindful Living, in pursuit of finding and maintaining Happiness for Life.

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In October 2019 we voted to affiliate with and become a Creation Spirituality Community - joining with communities across the nation in a shared effort to heal our planet in the face of the challenges of Climate Change and Global Warming. 

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Sunday November 8th
10:30 AM - Noon
A Celebration of Gratitude
For The Planet 

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 “The natural world is the greatest source of so much life that it makes life  worth living.”                                                                        David Attenborough


“Knowing that you love the Planet Earth is one half of a relationship. But when you feel the Earth loves you a sacred bond occurs.”                                                                                                                                    Robin Wall Kimmerer 




When we restore our capacity to feel gratitude for our home Planet Earth something new takes root in us.   Gratitude is a deep feeling that yearns to be expressed.  It is life giving to the one who feels it.


 We will celebrate the love the Planet has for us and our appreciation of our home Planet Earth with songs, prayers, offerings of each other. 

 Join us and invite a friend to experience the joy of “Gratitude” for our Planet Earth.

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Our Music

Patrice Haan soothes our spirits in silent meditation with her gentle harp music and songs.

For information about Patrice's career and recordings please clink on "more information" to go to her web site:

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