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What is Spiritual Cultivation?

The act of cultivating begins with making the soil ready and receptive for the plant to be planted in the ground.  Cultivating is breaking up the hard earth, nurturing it with food for the soil, watering it so the roots of the new plant/spirit can grow.        


Sometimes, we find we need to start anew or maybe for the first time in a safe space or sanctuary.  We discover we need to break up the hard feelings and nurture them once again with fresh nutritive soil and fresh water for our spirits.


Why is cultivation of your spirit so important?


A cultivated spirit helps gain clarity of purpose and live a more meaningful and internally peaceful life.  Every one of us is responsible for cultivating our spirits. Just like we cultivate habits for maintaining a healthy body, we can cultivate habits for keeping our spirit and, consequently, our minds, healthy.

 By cultivating our spirit, we can rise above and beyond ourselves and towards a higher awareness of life.

What is a spiritual cultivation center?

 A center is a sanctuary space and service that provides spiritual practices to aid in the nurturing of your spirit.  These practices include meditation, music for the spirit, spiritual food for thought, opportunities to listen deeply to each other, nurture kindness, understanding and humility and share gratitude. 

 Its purpose is to serve you so you can reap the benefits of a spiritual harvest.

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